IT Consulting and Project Management

Most businesses rely on the same staff for both operational IT management, as well as special projects. In the end, your staff doesn't spend the time they should on either responsibility. If this sounds familiar, choosing a partner to deliver essential IT projects can be a seamless way for your organization to reduce risk and control costs.

There are many reasons to consider entrusting your IT consulting and project management needs to a strategic partner.

You may want to:

An IT Partner with the Experience You Can Trust

One of Lanlogic's key strengths is our breadth of experience.

Our team offers comprehensive IT consulting services for a variety of projects:

Breadth of Experience
  • Not just in the United States, but internationally
  • Not just in the private sector, but in the public sector
  • Not just small businesses, but large corporate enterprises
  • Not just email, but unified communications
  • Not just a security patch, but a permanent secure environment
  • Not just a point solution, but a long-term strategic plan
Representative Examples  
  • Remote office IT project management including cabling, power, HVAC, phone systems and other services all over the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia
  • A local School District with 1200 users migrating from Sendmail to Microsoft Exchange Server
  • A wireless link to connect two hotels at Squaw Valley across Lake Tahoe
  • Data center design for a local community college
  • Qualify the selection of a VP of IT department for local credit union
  • Telephone system needs analysis including the creation of RFP's, bidding, vendor selection and implementation supervision
  • Underground fiber connections between buildings including specifications, bidding and construction supervision

By their very nature, these kinds of client engagements require a strategic and accountable partner you can trust. In addition, we realize that your environment is like no other.