IT Staffing and Augmentation Services

Peak workloads can stress an IT department, especially at the end of a quarter or year-end, or during holidays and vacations. During these times, your IT staff wants a partner to work with and trust, not someone independently making changes on their own. Working together, we can augment your internal capabilities on-demand without overstepping any boundaries. We recognize the value and trust your IT staff has within the company and we collaborate with you to identify and accomplish goals together, on schedule. Throughout the engagement, we provide all documentation and share best practices openly in an environment of full transparency.

Lanlogic offers proven resources for both short and long-term engagements. All of our consultants are Microsoft Certified IT professionals with experience in a wide variety of environments. This combination of skills allows us to immediately respond to your staffing requirements.

Using Lanlogic to augment your IT staff offers three major advantages:

  • Completing your project on-time
  • Finding a "best fit" resource quickly, and
  • Acquiring in-house expertise through the knowledge transfer that takes place

Lanlogic Is Your Trusted IT Staffing Partner

When growth opportunities arise, organizations lean on their IT staff more heavily and additional permanent resources are required, often on a short timetable. In these situations, you can hire a contractor, or engage the services of a temp agency or recruiter. However, these traditional solutions include built-in surcharges and an element of risk.

A new approach is to identify an IT business partner that has many years of experience working with qualified professionals. You are assured of finding a person with the right skill-set, and such a match brings the clear benefit of immediate contributions to your organization. need a recruit, hire, train and support graphic

Alternatively, we can recruit, hire, train and support your on-site staff. They act as part of your team, but are paid and supported by Lanlogic.

Why is this a better approach? There are many advantages:

  • This IT person is part of our team, participating in our weekly staff meetings, which discuss technology trends, problems, new products and best practices.
  • When they run into an issue on your site, they can leverage the entire Lanlogic group for help, benefiting from our 15 years of real-world experience in selecting products and services.
  • Bottom line: They have access to our accumulated expertise.