IT Services and Support

Regardless of your current computing environment, Lanlogic can deliver the crucial IT services you need on a daily basis. From your desktop to the Internet, we provide a stable and reliable platform so that you and your employees can focus on your real priorities.

We have found that the following services offer the most value for our customers:

  • IT Outsourcing and Managed Services - when you need your own on-demand IT department that includes everything from an IT help desk to network management and on-site IT support, we can deliver a solution that fits into your monthly budget. Or, if you prefer to augment your existing IT department, we can offer these services individually.
  • Network Management - your business relies on your network and that's why you need "an ounce of prevention." Lanlogic can monitor, maintain and update your servers to prevent productivity-draining downtime and to keep your business running smoothly.
  • IT Help Desk - immediate access to IT support when you need it. You have a problem right now, and we can provide a solution right now. Plus, you don't need to pay on a per-incident basis; we provide this service for a flat monthly fee.
  • On-Site IT Support - situations arise when you need someone on-site -- for example, if a hard-drive fails or you add a new employee -- and a senior, certified consultant is required. Our experience allows us to resolve your issue quickly, completely, and correctly.