Unlimited IT Help Desk Services Available On-Demand

The growing complexity of today's IT environment has made computer support one of the biggest challenges for IT departments and business managers alike. This new reality combined with an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce elevates user support expectations for an on-demand help desk with unlimited usage -- available anytime, anywhere. Having such an accessible resource enables managers to focus on their business priorities instead of handling IT support.

An invaluable help desk is one that users are comfortable with, and one that is built on relationships and confidence in the team members providing the support. When help desk personnel have a deeper understanding of the user's environment, it leads to the highest quality of service.

This means having a complete user profile that includes understanding the:

  • Server and network settings
  • Policies and permissions defined by the business, and
  • Software applications employed by the users

Plus, most organizations prefer being able to plan and budget a monthly fixed-fee, rather than paying for help desk services on a per-incident basis.

A Locally-Staffed IT Help Desk - Lanlogic's Rapid Response Center

Unlike other IT service providers who subcontract their help desk services, Lanlogic employs local personnel who are trained and certified computer support experts. This investment gives you a single, reliable business partner rather than depending on an off-shore vendor.

With your permission, we use remote control software to connect to your Windows or Mac computers. In the event the issue cannot be solved remotely, we will escalate the incident to our on-site support team or your own internal IT staff.

Lanlogic's Rapid Response Center has the following statistical results:

  • Greater than 70% of incidents are resolved remotely, typically in less than 30 minutes.
  • 90% of phone calls are answered by a live person right away, messages are returned within one hour.
  • Escalated incidents of a critical nature receive on-site support within 4 hours.