Managing and Supporting Your Network: The Central Nervous System of Your IT Infrastructure

Network management consists of ensuring "everything" is stable and secure:

Servers VOIP Phone System Messaging
Routers Data Backup File Sharing
Firewalls Remote Access Databases
Switches Printing Applications

Taken in its entirety, your network -- the servers and and all of its other components -- comprise the nerve center of your technology infrastructure: Your employees depend on it to access their email, to share files, to work from remote locations and to print their documents.

The reliability and security of your network affects everyone. Ensuring maximum up-time is paramount and doing so allows you to control your costs and reduce risk. Suffering through downtime or outages can bring your business to its knees.

Remote Network Monitoring Can Prevent 80% of All Outages

Your network is a living, breathing eco-system consisting of a myriad of elements that affect the stability and performance of your servers and network, including:

  • Available disk space
  • CPU utilization
  • RAM utilization
  • Power protection, and
  • Environmental temperature

The health of your network is dependent on setting warning thresholds on your servers and proactively monitoring them for the occurence of dangerous incidents/events. Configuring your network with automated alerts can signal us to correct a problem before a disaster occurs.

Monitoring alerts is a time-consuming endeavor - often there are false alarms and it takes expertise to separate these from real threatening events. It becomes important to have an experienced IT partner to proactively monitor your network and avoid these mistakes.  Lanlogic uses a proven monitoring platform, which our senior network consultants use to protect your network from catastrophe.

Reliable Server Backups

As your company grows, your exposure to data loss can come from a variety of sources: Whether it's through theft, natural disaster or equipment failure, it's inevitable that you'll lose data at some point - and your only protection is a backup copy. Server backups need to be performed and monitored daily for disaster recovery and business continuity. We monitor daily backup reports to minimize the risk of data loss and ensure against data corruption.

Dependable Software Patch Management

As your company grows, you acquire many different servers and desktop PCs, often in multiple locations. Microsoft provides critical monthly patches for all Windows servers and workstations. Timely distribution of these software updates is the key to keeping your IT infrastructure in peak operating condition while preventing the latest viruses and hacker exploits.

Lanlogic uses an array of patch distribution and management tools to ensure that your systems are running the latest software versions. When you leave patch management to us, you get the continuous high performance of a fully-maintained server and workstation infrastructure - all without the stress of managing it yourself.

Network Support Packages that Ensure Security and Stability

Lanlogic offers three support options to identify and prevent any network vulnerabilities:

  • AlertCare monitors your servers
  • DailyCare monitors your servers and the success of daily server backups
  • CompleteCare monitors your servers, the success of daily server backups, and applies software patches on a monthly basis