The Benefits of Cloud Computing
and SaaS (Software as a Service)

We can all agree that:

  • Business today moves at the speed of thought.
  • Your ability to move from concept to reality defines your success.
  • And, managing this process in a nimble, cost-effective way is crucial.

However, the traditional way of installing software, hardware and other IT infrastructure can slow you down. Cloud computing is what enables IT solutions to keep pace with your business needs.

Essentially, cloud computing delivers "Software As A Service", also known as SaaS. This is the on-demand availability of applications and services online, instead of on your computer systems. SaaS lets you dynamically accelerate your capacity or add new capabilities without additional capital investments or maintenance budgets.

Customers of all sizes choose SaaS solutions for a variety of reasons. You can:

  • Subscribe to an application or service, on-demand
  • Scale the number of users who need access, up or down
  • Adapt quickly and deploy solutions cost-effectively

no software CDs, no backups, no updates, no datacenter, no servers, no IT staff or training.

What You Need - A Private and Secure Server Cloud

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and staffed locally, Lanlogic's data center delivers a private and secure server cloud.

With a service guarantee, we provide enterprise-level, cloud-based infrastructure supporting thousands of users from hundreds of clients, nationwide and around the world.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Terabytes of EMC SAN data
  • Backup power - natural gas generator
  • UPS battery backup power
  • Fully dedicated backbone IP network
  • Multiple redundant fiber-optic circuits

Through our private server cloud, Lanlogic serves many customers of all sizes:

Learn more about Lanlogic's online and hosting services that are designed to match your business requirements:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange - the industry standard for synchronized email, calendars and contacts, in the office or on-the-go with BlackBerry and iPhone support
  • Server Hosting - for businesses looking for hosted solutions, either their entire Windows Server infrastructure or individual applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and more
  • Online Backup Services - automatic and reliable data protection for your computer or server, with off-site storage
  • Web hosting and Email hosting - affordable and stable online identity, including domain registration and unmatched customer service

We stand behind your data to deliver the security, scalability and performance you need.