Online Backup Services: Protect All of Your Data

Automatic and reliable data protection encompasses the information on your computer system, as well as, the data on your servers, and in certain instances, your email communication archives. Keeping all of this data secure yet accessible is necessary. This, coupled with network monitoring of backups, ensures bullet-proof disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Server Backup Solutions: Can Your Business Keep Running When a Server Fails?

When a computer fails, it affects an individual employee; when a server fails, it impacts the entire company. For this reason, performing server backups is critical to protecting your ongoing business processes.

Historically, server backups only copied data due to the expense of the process: Tapes weren't large enough, and when they were, it took too long to accomplish. So in the event of a failure, rebuilding the operating system and reinstalling the applications were painstaking steps that were still required.

Today, Lanlogic's server backup solution includes onsite and offsite disk storage, using imaging technology that clones the servers being protected. Users can continue to operate from that "virtual server" as if nothing has happened. The original server that crashed can then be rebuilt -- without the pressure of every minute of downtime impacting your bottom line.

Even if your building is damaged in an earthquake, your entire virtual server backup solution can be rebuilt onto new hardware and delivered to your new location within 24-48 hours.

Online Desktop Backup Service: Is Your Data Really Safe on Your Computers?

Most organizations understand the value of performing backups of their most critical server data. Despite this accepted practice, many people don't backup data on their desktops or laptops where often their most important data is edited and stored. Not performing a backup is frequently due to frustration with existing solutions or forgetfulness: For many years, backup solutions have been available that diminish computer performance or otherwise don't work as advertised.

Lanlogic's Online Desktop Backup Service is the answer for automatic, offsite and secure computer system backups. Simply download our software onto your computer and it will automatically backup your data to the Lanlogic Data Center an intelligent way that doesn't affect your computer's performance. Our Online Desktop Backup Service is an affordable option for unobtrusive, user-centric data backup and recovery.

You can learn more and sign-up for a 30-day free trial of Lanlogic's Online Desktop Backup Service.

Email Archives: Are You Preserving All of Your Corporate Memories?

These days more companies realize email messages are evidence and used in electronic discovery. Potentially relevant information is only recognized when a lawsuit is imminent and that information is requested. Email is one of the data sources that is frequently demanded as admissible evidence. It is a smart business practice to preserve, retain and archive this data as it can reduce your liability. In addition to addressing the legal aspects of archiving, email messages and attachments also need to be retained for compliance-related requirements. Organizations want a good retention system with search and retrieval capabilities that minimize the time and costs associated with accessing its information.

Lanlogic offers our customers an advanced email archive solution. It includes:

  • Secure, offsite message archiving
  • Long term storage with online access
  • An authentic copy of all incoming, internal and outgoing communications, including email, attachments and instant messages
  • Legacy email that has been imported and captured for web-based search, retrieval and monitoring

Lanlogic Is Your Best Choice for Online Backup Services

Let's be honest: Disaster recovery and business continuity planning depends on having a solid backup and server and network monitoring solution in place -- for your servers, for your desktops and laptops, and for your message archives. No matter what kind of online backup services you are looking for, Lanlogic offers the best options. Our experienced team and comprehensive approach to total data protection enables you to recover from a disaster and continue operating.