Disaster Recovery Goes Beyond Backups

The typical disaster recovery discussion begins when a client questions the reliability of their backup solution and their ability to recover from any IT failure. Once you have a stable backup system and process in place, it’s time to consider the full scope of disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are connected, related concepts but examine different aspects of dealing with an interruption to your business:

  • Disaster recovery addresses: IF the worst happens, what solutions do you have in place so your business CAN resume?
  • Business continuity asks: WHEN the worst happens, do you have redundant systems, processes and services to ensure operations continue WHILE a recovery takes place?


Getting Started with Disaster Recovery Planning

Most organizations recognize that Disaster Recovery Planning is critical to the survival of their organization. However, because of its complexity, they struggle with knowing where to start. Just like with emergency preparedness for natural disasters, experts tells us being prepared is simply the only option. And, they emphasize that starting right away is better than doing nothing at all.

The process of Disaster Recovery Planning begins by asking some key questions:

  • Which data do we need to backup (servers, computers, laptops, etc.)?
  • Where do we store our backup data (on-premise and/or offsite)?
  • What happens if our computers and laptops are rendered unusable?
  • Do our people know what to do first and where to turn for help?


Closing the Loop with Business Continuity Planning

Having a plan in place to recover from a disaster is critical, but thinking ahead one more step is crucial. Recovering from a disaster takes time, and business continuity lets you keep working during that time. Documenting the flow of your business and implementing appropriate redundant systems, allows you to carry on operations until full recovery is achieved.

There are many questions to help plan for business continuity:

  • How do we stay in touch with customers, employees, suppliers?
  • How long can we survive without access to email and critical data?
  • How easily can employees function without a real office?
  • What kinds of resources need to be put in place to allow near-immediate productivity? (backup internet services, online access to backup data, etc.)


Planning with Lanlogic Offers the Most Effective Insurance Policy

Planning for rare events requires years of experience with real life situations. Lanlogic has been making a measurable difference for customers since 1995.

When you work with us, you benefit from our knowledge in dealing with and planning for a range of circumstances:

  • A non-profit organization had all their computers and servers stolen, including their backup system, when their office was burglarized
  • A professional services firm had their server room flooded when their neighbor’s suite caught fire
  • A construction firm’s network infrastructure was damaged during a summer power surge
  • A school district had their entire network crash when hackers installed a virus on several computers

In the event of an incident, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning is the best preparation for minimizing costs and lost time. Working with Lanlogic is the easiest way to get started. Our planning serves as a customized guide, providing direction that eliminates confusion and allows people to continue working productively.


Our Business Continuity Assessment is what we recommend for all new customers. We collaborate with you and your staff to examine your organization’s unique situation and data recovery requirements. Our experience proves time and again that disaster recovery is more likely to be successful when a documented business continuity plan is in place. It’s the best preparation for minimizing costs and lost productivity should disaster strike. In the end, you will get a comprehensive assessment and a step-by-step guide that will describe your risks and detail specific actions that you can take to close the gaps that we find.

Is your most important data on a laptop or desktop?

Our Desktop and Laptop Backup Service backs up your critical data onsite and offsite. We support Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems with a lightweight, performance optimized application that backs up files as they change. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your important files can be recovered when you need them.

What would happen if your server crashed or was destroyed?

Our Server Backup and Instant Recovery Appliance is a true business continuity service. This means that whatever the situation, hardware, software or physical disaster, we can get you up and running and back to work in the shortest amount of time possible.

  1. Your server data and system configurations are securely backed up locally and off-site.
  2. Restore a crashed server in less than 10 minutes – right onto our backup appliance!