Let us help you develop your cloud strategy

The foundation of a great cloud starts with a business strategy and goals. While the decision to move to the cloud may be driven by many reasons, the process can be complicated. Not all applications are ideal for the cloud.  Each organization has unique business requirements and most benefit from a phased transition, prioritizing what should move to the cloud and when.

Ready or Not

While the business incentives to move to the cloud may be clear cut and simple, determining whether your infrastructure is “cloud capable” can get complicated or pushed out as other IT issues take propriety. Lanlogic can help you develop a concise plan for migrating to the cloud that is prioritized and timed to meet your needs.

Lanlogic is here to help you develop your cloud strategy and answer 4 important questions:

  1. What application can we virtualize?
  2. What servers can be virtualized?
  3. Can my current network handle a virtualization platform?
  4. Whose cloud should I use?

Why choose Lanlogic?

Experience: Our core business is helping organizations determine the right strategy to extend and complement their IT resources in a way that meets their business goals.

Expertise: Lanlogic Engineers specialize in all of the necessary areas of the infrastructure network, server, and virtualization to carry out a cloud readiness assessment.

Customer Focus: Our Engineers are free to focus on the best solution to meet your business goals.  You can be assured you’ll get the solution you need, built on the right technology with a quick response time and excellent project management.

What’s the next step?

Contact us, realpeople@lanlogic.com. We can help you reach your cloud goals