Lanlogic20YearBadgeFor 13 years, Art Closson ran a mid-sized alarm company servicing over 5000 accounts in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of his continuing goals was to leverage technology to deliver a better service to his customers and compete. These were the early days of business computing and he had an AppleTalk network for sales, a Novell network for accounting, and a Unix system for the alarm Central Station. Many times, he hired consultants and vendors to help connect these systems with mixed results. While the experts managed to get the technology to work together, they often didn’t address the needs of his people who relied on technology to get work done.

In 1995, Art decided it was time to try a new business. A business that would help companies get more done by connecting them with technology in a logical way. Lanlogic was formed.

20 years later, Art continues to encourage the Lanlogic team to develop comprehensive services that maximize productivity by connecting the IT dots. Today, our hosted and outsourced IT services help organizations effectively use technology, grow responsibly, predict costs, and get more done.

In April 2018, Addressable Networks, Inc., a leading solutions integrator, acquired Lanlogic, Inc. Lanlogic, Inc. will continue its long history of designing and delivering best-of-breed solutions for its customers and operations under the Lanlogic brand. Dan Ferguson will assume the role of President & CEO of Lanlogic, previously held by Art Closson, founder of Lanlogic. Mr. Closson will continue his employment at Lanlogic for the foreseeable future as a technical consultant.

His values are our values.

We maintain long-term client relationships that stand the test of time. We still support our first three customers.
Our staff are empowered to do “whatever it takes” to support our customers.
We strive to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes, looking at situations from their perspectives to solve problems.
Deliberate acts of kindness make the world a better place for everyone.