At Lanlogic we pride ourselves on our project management experience.  If you want to deploy new servers or open an office anywhere in the world, we have the experience to deliver a project on time and on budget.

We have over 20 years of experience dealing with complex infrastructure projects for Schools, local government and businesses such as Google, Motorola, Dropbox, Palo Alto Networks and Arista networks.

In our experience it is critical that IT has voice and a seat at the table during any construction process.  Our goal is to provide a proven, cost effective design and ensure that the needs of the IT team are addressed right at the start of any construction effort.

A typical engagement includes some or all of the following:

Acting as the IT department representative during the design and construction process where we attend the weekly construction meetings

  • Detailed structured cabling design including full CAD drawings
  • If you do not have corporate infrastructure standards we will help create them for you
  • Server room and IT closet design and specifications for power and cooling
  • Coordination with architects and MEP engineers
  • Bidding and coordination for voice and data telco providers
  • Wireless design and product recommendations
  • AV and video conferencing design and coordination
  • RFP creation, bidding and vendor response review
  • Onsite project management through completion and move in
  • Quick response to questions and decisions so avoid unnecessary delays in the process
  • Depending on the project and location we will provide periodic, weekly or full time onsite presence to ensure the smooth implementation
  • Onsite and remote network engineers to configure and deliver a working network
  • Most importantly GAP coverage during the process.  When an unplanned issue arises during the construction process we will take ownership through resolution.
  • Creative problem solving.  We have completed well over 200 projects and have a 100% on time delivery record.  In some cases this took extraordinary efforts due to issues beyond our control but in the end, our clients were able to move in on time.