Shortages of skilled professionals and the need to focus on core competencies, is typically why organizations to seek project management expertise beyond their own walls. Lanlogic understands that deciding to outsource project management takes a substantial amount of our client’s time and effort. After considering advantages and disadvantages, strategic and operational factors, along with the financials, you and your organization are trusting that your choice of outsourced project management will deliver great results.

Here is a sample of the results that Lanlogic has produced for our clients:

  • DropBox
    • IT infrastructure design and project management for multiple locations around the world
  • Motorola Mobility
    • IT infrastructure design and project management for Motorola’s move of 2,400 people from Libertyville, IL, to downtown Chicago into a 600,000 square foot historic building
    • Coordinated IT needs in a number of complex labs
    • Worked with ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile on the installation of private test cell systems
    • Onsite supervision and coordination with design and construction teams
  • Palo Alto Networks
    • IT infrastructure design and project management for Palo Alto’s Santa Clara headquarters
    • Layout and infrastructure design support for multiple complex labs
    • Onsite supervision and coordination with design and construction teams

During these types of projects, Lanlogic works with Facilities and IT organizations on design, physical layout, power and environmental requirements, and implementation and logistics.

We also work with the General Contractor on all of the technology space requirements and schedules, coordination with cable and equipment vendor on delivery, installation and testing. We also manage the project’s RFP process including the sourcing, selection & management of various vendors, such as telecom vendors, voice/data services, etc., and keep the IT staff up to date on network and equipment requirements.

Success of any project management firm comes from their ability to work with diverse teams to get the job done. Historically, technical skills have been given more value over people management skills for IT project management teams. Although this may explain why some IT professionals have struggled with team relationships, the subsequent project results can be disastrous and wasteful. Clearly, the most successful project managers have mastered the art of working with diverse work force roles, including vendors, contractors, and consultants.

These essential skills are not easily acquired and often need years of experience to cultivate. Lanlogic has developed these skills over the years and maintains a great reputation with the teams that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Continual referrals, from those teams, into new projects are a testimony to our reputation.

Types of IT projects that we are regularly referred are:

  • Office builds (Domestic and International)
  • Office relocations (Domestic and International)
  • Data Center builds/relocations

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