For most small and medium sized organizations, a properly designed IT infrastructure is critical! Today’s business computing environment has evolved from a network enclosed within a company’s walls with minimal remote access capabilities available, to a network seemingly without borders being accessed day and night by computers, tablets, and the smartphones in our pockets.


With an ever increasing need to stay connected, perform optimally and remain secure, the need for proper design, implementation, and management is paramount. For example, it is not acceptable to use the hand-me-down equipment from home for your business IT network. Your company and client’s data require switches, wireless access points, routers and firewalls designed for high performance and security. Lanlogic has been designing, delivering and managing these types of environments for decades.


Projects include:

  • Design and Best Practice reviews
  • Performance assessments
  • Wired network switching implementations (including MDF/IDF)
  • Wireless network implementations (including indoor/outdoor)
  • Routing and Firewall implementations (including HA/Failover; Multiple site WAN using MPLS and VPNs)


These projects deliver networks that can operate optimally for on premise server environments, cloud-only environments and hybrid environments where some, but not all services are being delivered via the cloud. Being that we are Microsoft Certified Partners, we can also design, implement and manage/support various server/cloud based solutions for your organization.


Sample projects like this include:

  • Onsite Virtual infrastructure (VMWare/Hyper-V) for Community college
  • Private Cloud (hosted servers and network) for CPA firm with multiple offices
  • Hybrid Cloud infrastructure (servers on premise and in cloud) for medical device firm
  • Wireless/Wired/Security infrastructure (with cloud based management) for automotive sales organization with multiple sites


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