Is IT outsourcing right for you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should consider IT outsourcing and helpdesk services from Lanlogic.  We can support or augment your information technology capabilities with predictable cost and extraordinary service.

Is your organization growing?
As your revenue grows, you’re likely feel pressure to increase headcount or improve efficiency.  Outsourcing some IT operations can be an effective way to ensure growth can be sustained without exceeding your budget

Are technology problems distracting you?
We’ve found some organizations rely on key personnel to support their desktops. These people could be better utilized solving bigger problems.  If you’re a business owner who just so happens to be the only person who can help fix a printer problem, we should talk.  We can help.

Are computer problems slowing you down?
Customers who use Lanlogic’s help desk service know that there’s one place to go for help, no matter the problem.   Whether it’s a software bug, a printing problem or trouble with an application, Lanlogic’ s help desk team focuses on one outcome-helping you get back to work as soon as possible.

Is your IT staff overwhelmed?
We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes.  Some have no IT staff whatsoever, while others use Lanlogic for the front-line, tier-one support.  This allows internal IT staff to close more support incidents and cases, while augmenting the breadth and depth of their technical support capabilities.  Lanlogic can free your on premise IT staff to focus on bigger projects and initiatives. 

Whether you need just a bit of support, management and strategic direction we can support you.