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Beware of Phishing Scams
Dec 12, 2019   | Email Protection , Team Blog

With holiday shopping season in full swing, you might have noticed your inbox crammed with promotions and sales from every major retailer and mom and pop store around. With holiday shopping season in full swing. With holiday shopping season in full swing.

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Don’t Let Shadow IT Control You!
Oct 22, 2019   | Team Blog

The ultimate elephant in the room, “Shadow IT” is the term used to describe IT solutions and systems that are used by employees within an organization without its authorization. As it’s impossible to protect what you don’t know is being used

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Celebrate Freedom from Ransomware
Jul 22, 2019   | Team Blog

Independence Day is a time for American revelers to enjoy fireworks, good food, and all the benefits of freedom. And retailers join in on the celebratory atmosphere by blasting out emails for holiday deals that help make the month of July one of the biggest

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Lanlogic Partners with 8×8 to Help Companies with Cloud Communications
Jul 18, 2019   | News , Team Blog

Lanlogic delivers fast, state-of-the-art, scalable solutions when you need them LIVERMORE, CA, JULY 16, 2018 Lanlogic, a leader in delivering IT solutions individually-tailored by experienced

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Keep your laptop from overheating
Jul 14, 2018   | Team Blog

Laptops are so convenient and hassle-free to use. It’s easy to forget that they need regular maintenance. One of the most common causes of laptop damage is overheating. Learn how to prevent your laptop from overheating, so you can boost its

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How long should business phone systems last?
Jul 14, 2018   | Team Blog

The phone remains one of the first points of contact businesses have with their customers. That’s why so many companies are upgrading to affordable and hi-tech “VoIP” systems. Voice over IP solutions

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