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Microsoft Teams boosts productivity in spite of COVID-19

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 23, 2020 With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing employees to work from home, you and your staff can take advantage of Microsoft Teams to stay productive. Microsoft recently enhanced this already powerful tool’s capabilities, making it easier for more people to take advantage of its advanced features. What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams combines workplace […]

7 Ways to avoid getting stuck when working remotely

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 18, 2020 Companies across the globe are now looking into remote work to keep their employees safe from the coronavirus pandemic. Today’s technology allows you to collaborate and communicate with your team from the comfort of your home. However, working remotely means there may be times when it is difficult to keep your day […]

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Security best practices for remote workers

By EDITOR | Published: APRIL 10, 2020 Working from home increases employee autonomy, cuts costs, and ensures the health and safety of the company during the coronavirus pandemic. The problem is, it also increases the likelihood of security breaches since employees are working outside the company’s security perimeter. That’s why you and your staff must adhere to these security […]

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Beware of Phishing Scams

With holiday shopping season in full swing, you might have noticed your inbox crammed with promotions and sales from every major retailer and mom and pop store around. With holiday shopping season in full swing. With holiday shopping season in full swing.


Don’t Let Shadow IT Control You!

The ultimate elephant in the room, “Shadow IT” is the term used to describe IT solutions and systems that are used by employees within an organization without its authorization. As it’s impossible to protect what you don’t know is being used


Celebrate Freedom from Ransomware

Independence Day is a time for American revelers to enjoy fireworks, good food, and all the benefits of freedom. And retailers join in on the celebratory atmosphere by blasting out emails for holiday deals that help make the month of July one of the biggest


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