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What you need to know about VoIP theft of service

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 25, 2022 Did you know that theft of service is one of the most common types of fraud that affects Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems? VoIP theft of service is a serious issue that impacts businesses’ VoIP networks and can result in significant financial losses. In this article, we will discuss what […]

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The business continuity benefits of cloud technology

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 18, 2022 Where you store your company’s data backups is vital to the success of your business continuity strategy. There are various storage media to choose from, but if you value flexibility and convenience, then you should look no further than cloud storage. Here are the benefits that the cloud offers. Improved uptime Many […]

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Why managed IT services is best for SMB cybersecurity

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 14, 2022 Without technology, businesses cannot compete and succeed. But with the advancement in technology comes the ever-constant threat of hackers and cybercriminals. That’s why small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need to protect themselves with robust cybersecurity solutions managed by reputable managed IT services providers (MSPs). The numbers Through the years, the number of […]

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Turn off these Windows 11 settings to protect your privacy

By EDITOR | Published: FEBRUARY 21, 2022 Windows 11 helps users by giving useful suggestions as they type and by displaying ads based on their online searches. But these can feel invasive, especially if you don’t want anyone prying into your online activity. To ensure your privacy and keep Microsoft’s watchful eye off your computer activity, follow these tips. […]

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Should your small business use laptops or desktops?

By EDITOR | Published: FEBRUARY 14, 2022 If you’re buying computers for your startup or upgrading your small business’s existing machines, you need to decide whether laptops or desktops are right for your needs. To help you choose, consider these five factors. Portability The COVID-19 pandemic has driven most businesses to adopt remote work and hybrid work setups. If […]

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Microsoft rolls out new Microsoft 365 Apps admin center capabilities

By EDITOR | Published: FEBRUARY 28, 2022 The pandemic has expedited cloud migration timelines, and IT administrators have had to accomplish gargantuan tasks in record time, such as moving workflows to the cloud, securing company devices, and ensuring 24/7 data access. As the cloud becomes an increasingly pivotal part of business operations, Microsoft continues to improve the Microsoft 365 […]

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