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New productivity tools to try in Microsoft 365

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 Microsoft has unveiled some new and improved Microsoft 365 features. These upgrades, introduced during this year’s Microsoft Inspire conference, are more relevant than ever and were designed with the needs of the hybrid worker in mind. From third-party integrations in Teams to nifty tricks in Outlook, here’s a quick guide on what […]

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The importance of updating firmware

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 6, 2021 Businesses today are aware of the importance of regularly updating the different software they use to keep these running optimally and protected against cyberthreats. However, they often overlook the firmware of their computers and other devices. At best, firmware is only updated if there’s an issue with the hardware. But it’s actually […]

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Here’s why your SMB needs a business continuity plan

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 A variety of untoward events can disrupt the operations of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), including natural disasters or cyberattacks. These incidents can cause SMBS to lose revenue, or in some extreme cases, close permanently. Fortunately, having a concrete business continuity plan (BCP) in place will help your business recover quickly after […]

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The Easiest Way To Disaster-Proof Your Cyber Security

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 Though no one would dispute the increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks on businesses in recent years, many small-business owners believe themselves and their business to be immune to such attacks. Broadly speaking, many small-business owners are likely to think that cybercriminals will go after the bigger fish. However, the fact of the matter […]

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Your password may not be secure — update it now

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) once said that a good password consisted of three things: upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. However, the NIST has now reversed its stance on good passwords. Here’s why and what they are now recommending. The problem The issue isn’t that the NIST […]

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SonicWall and Lanlogic Webinar Series

Join us for our next webinar on Oct 21, 2021 at 8:30 AM PDT. Register now! This 3-month webinar series from SonicWall & Lanlogic is sure to be both informative and fun! Each month, we invite you to join us for a different topic paired with a tasty treat. Each webinar is occurring on a […]

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