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Practical tips to secure your email account

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 Email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication nowadays. It’s quick, easy, and convenient, but it’s also vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Read on for some practical tips that you can use to secure your email account and keep your information safe. Use strong passwords Many email users fail to […]

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Microsoft unveils the first major update for Windows 11

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 Microsoft unveiled the first major upgrade for Windows 11 on September 20, 2022. Available in over 190 countries, Windows 11 version 22H2 comes with several new features to enhance productivity, security, and user experience. Read on to learn about these. Improved Start Menu Windows 11 22H2 update features three new settings for […]

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Do I Need To Upgrade My Network? 4 Amazing Benefits You’ll Experience

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 A business owner has many responsibilities within their business. They can be so busy that sometimes things are overlooked for an extended period of time. For example, many business owners may forget to upgrade their network infrastructure. In actuality, upgrading your network is extremely important – and it is one of the […]

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How to make your computer last longer

By EDITOR | Published: AUGUST 31, 2022 Most tech experts will tell you that a PC should last for 3–5 years before it needs to be replaced. Of course, with the right amount of care and maintenance, you may be able to get a bit more use out of your machine. Here are some ways you can make your computer last […]

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Stay fit while working from home with these easy exercises

By EDITOR | Published: JULY 6, 2022 Many businesses have adopted a remote work setup since the COVID-19 pandemic began. But despite its benefits, working from home can result in employees’ reduced physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. To stay fit and active on workdays, you can do these […]

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3 Ways to secure Microsoft Teams

By EDITOR | Published: JULY 18, 2022 Microsoft Teams has become an essential tool in the workplace, with its ability to facilitate communication and collaboration in a remote or hybrid setting. However, as more and more users rely on this platform, its potential as a security risk increases. Here are the three best ways to help you secure Microsoft […]

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