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Protect your business data in the cloud

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 2, 2021 Despite its enhanced security features, cloud computing isn’t 100% safe from data breaches. A small- or medium-sized business still needs to be proactive in making sure their data is secure in the cloud. The following tips will help tighten cloud data security. Know your cloud apps: Get a comprehensive view of the […]

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5 Most common security breaches

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 31, 2021 From attacks on mobile devices to ever-increasing types of malware, cybersecurity has never been more challenging. One of the best ways to stay protected is to be aware of cybersecurity threats. To that end, here are five common ways your IT systems can be broken into. 1. You are tricked into installing […]

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Get more work done by getting rid of desktop clutter

By EDITOR | Published: FEBRUARY 24, 2021 A cluttered computer desktop can hamper productivity. When a bunch of files, folders, and applications are fighting for space on your desktop, it can be difficult to look for the ones you need. You may not realize it, but the clutter affects the way you work and slows you down. Follow these […]

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Improve internet security with these easy tips

By EDITOR | Published: FEBRUARY 3, 2021 With over four billion internet users around the globe totaling roughly 59% of the population, the internet is rife with opportunities for hackers to steal users’ information. And with technology constantly evolving and the internet growing, it’s not likely to get safer anytime soon. It therefore pays to take extra precautions when […]

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Choosing the best cloud computing service model for your business

By EDITOR | Published: FEBRUARY 12, 2021 The cloud is currently a key player in transforming organizations and digitizing IT infrastructures. In the coming years, cloud solutions will be more accessible, agile, and competitive, which will drive more and more businesses to adopt cloud computing. But with many different types of services available, it can be difficult to choose […]

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Don’t get hindered by slow Windows 10 updates!

By EDITOR | Published: FEBRUARY 8, 2021 Keeping up with Windows 10 updates is vital if you want your computers to have the latest features and security fixes. However, Microsoft’s operating system can take hours to update, especially if a significant change is being released. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to speed things up. Windows […]

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