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What are the benefits of the human cloud?

By EDITOR | Published: APRIL 30, 2021 It’s a good time to start a business — not only can you take your ideas more quickly to market, but you can do so at reduced costs and without the traditional barriers in hiring skilled workers. Talented contractors are now available via the “human cloud” and ready to help you build […]

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Factors to consider before buying new servers

By EDITOR | Published: APRIL 16, 2021 New hardware doesn’t come cheap, which is why many businesses hold on to their old servers long after these machines have stopped being efficient or secure. In this blog, we explain why it’s vital to replace your servers regularly and look at alternatives that offer the same outcomes while helping you save […]

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Breaking Bad Habits – 4 Ways Your Employees Are Putting Your Business At Risk Of Cyber-Attack

By EDITOR | Published: APRIL 22, 2021 A couple years ago, TechRepublic ran a story with the following headline: “Employees Are Almost As Dangerous To Business As Hackers And Cybercriminals.” From the perspective of the business, you might think that’s simply inaccurate. Your company strives to hire the best people it can find – people who are good at their jobs […]

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5 Ways Zoom Phone Enables Mobility, Business Continuity

Originally published April 1, 2020 Businesses relying on a legacy on-premise PBX as their primary business phone system face unique challenges now that employees are working remotely. Odds are, these employees were not able to take their office phone home. But legacy, on-premise phone systems by nature make supporting remote users difficult. Oftentimes there are […]

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It’s Time! Migrate to the Cloud

Originally posted on the Zoom Blog,February 4, 2020 Many of your business applications have already migrated to the cloud, such as CRM, HRIS, cloud storage, and other productivity solutions. Cloud computing has provided enhanced flexibility, agility, and access to advanced functionality and innovation for these applications. Next up in your cloud migration strategy is moving […]

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Why On-Premise Phone Solutions Fall short in Supporting Remote Workforces

Originally posted on Zoom Blog April 21, 2020 With most on-premise and legacy PBX solutions, the use of a desk phone relies on being hardwired to the PBX and PSTN networks. But these outdated phone systems weren’t built to accommodate the large remote workforces that we’re seeing today. Companies that don’t support a bring-your-own-device environment […]

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