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Affordable ways to safeguard your Android device

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 12, 2021 While Android devices are prone to hundreds of different cybersecurity threats, protecting your Android device doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you don’t want to spend a great deal of money on security, this guide will help you safeguard your Android phone or tablet without breaking the bank. You don’t […]

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Step up your PowerPoint game with these pointers

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 3, 2021 Do your officemates groan whenever they have to sit through another PowerPoint presentation? Once it’s your turn, knock their socks off by using these easy-to-follow tips. Start slideshows instantly The audience doesn’t want to see the speaker’s cluttered desktop or unread emails as the PowerPoint presentation is being set up. Therefore, while […]

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How ToMake Cyber Security An Ingrained Part Of Your Company Culture

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 30, 2021 Your employees are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business from cyberthreats. Human error is one of the single biggest culprits behind cyber-attacks. It comes down to someone falling for a phishing scam, clicking an unknown link or downloading a file without realizing that it’s malicious. Because […]

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Protect your business data in the cloud

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 2, 2021 Despite its enhanced security features, cloud computing isn’t 100% safe from data breaches. A small- or medium-sized business still needs to be proactive in making sure their data is secure in the cloud. The following tips will help tighten cloud data security. Know your cloud apps: Get a comprehensive view of the […]

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5 Most common security breaches

By EDITOR | Published: MARCH 31, 2021 From attacks on mobile devices to ever-increasing types of malware, cybersecurity has never been more challenging. One of the best ways to stay protected is to be aware of cybersecurity threats. To that end, here are five common ways your IT systems can be broken into. 1. You are tricked into installing […]

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Get more work done by getting rid of desktop clutter

By EDITOR | Published: FEBRUARY 24, 2021 A cluttered computer desktop can hamper productivity. When a bunch of files, folders, and applications are fighting for space on your desktop, it can be difficult to look for the ones you need. You may not realize it, but the clutter affects the way you work and slows you down. Follow these […]

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