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Remote Working

Spotty home Wi-Fi? Try wireless repeaters and access points

By EDITOR | Published: JUNE 3, 2020 Residential Wi-Fi connections are slower and less reliable than enterprise-grade ones. But now that more people have shifted to remote work, having a fast and stable wireless connection at home is more important than ever. What can you do to ensure you don’t suffer dropped Wi-Fi signals while you’re in a videoconference […]

How MSPs are helping businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19

By EDITOR | Published: JUNE 15, 2020 IT services are more critical than ever before, proving their value in the face of a health crisis and the abrupt shift to remote working. Here are some ways managed IT services providers (MSPs) are helping small companies leverage technology to support their remote teams and go about business as usual. Providing […]

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Can your internet bandwidth handle remote work?

By EDITOR | Published: APRIL 17, 2020 Even before COVID-19, remote working was already quickly becoming the new normal. It took a pandemic to tip the scale, and now most jobs are being done from home. But it’s not always a smooth ride. There are many things that can cause productivity dips, one of them being limited internet bandwidth. […]

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COVID-19 won’t keep us apart, thanks to the cloud

By EDITOR | Published: MAY 8, 2020 Families and communities all over the world have been told to shelter in place. However, despite social distancing measures, people are still able to connect to one another, thanks to the cloud. Cloud computing helps buoy economies For many people, being forced to stay at home means being unable to earn money […]

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How VoIP can help organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic

By EDITOR | Published: APRIL 1, 2020 With COVID-19 now a full-blown pandemic, it’s increasingly important to stay up to date with the latest news and developments. The same applies to organizations worldwide — management and staff need to be able to communicate effectively to avoid misunderstandings that could prove fatal to operations in this time of crisis. Voice […]

Have your staff work from home with the proper gear

By EDITOR | Published: APRIL 3, 2020 One of the major hurdles of shifting to a work-from-home setup is that the hardware your employees have at home can be very different from what they’re used to at the office. More than their computers and smartphones, these are the things your staff will need to set up their own home […]

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