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Microsoft Customer Success Training

2 minutes

What is a Microsoft Customer Success Training?

Microsoft Customer Success Training is a program to help drive impactful utilization of Microsoft products across your organization. Sessions are use case centric, hands-on and driven around in-app learning.

What should I expect? 

Training sessions are conducted virtually and are centered around the customer’s unique needs. Attendees are on their devices, working in-app, alongside the trainers as they demo features, navigation and collaboration. These customized trainings will resonate across any industry and can accommodate large and small groups across multiple geographies. These Microsoft Teams sessions are having an incredible impact given the current need for companies to empower their employees to work remotely. Coverage will include insights across multiple solutions/areas:

  • Experiential learning – An overview of application functionality across desktop, mobile and online apps
  • Tailored to unique use cases – Customized training tailored to your unique productivity and collaboration scenarios
  • Deep dive on key points – Showcasing best practices, as well as tips and tricks from Microsoft Store Firstline Workers
  • Insights on integration – Informing users on how individual workloads integrate securely across Microsoft 365

Leading up to the session, Microsoft coordinates with you to understand the unique needs of your business. Multiple alignment meetings will frame their approach and curriculum, making sure the content lands and your strategic goals are being met.

What does a Microsoft Customer Success Training include?

  • Flexible format – Get started with a 60-minute training session. Additional sessions can be added based on your specific needs.
  • Virtual – Virtual sessions to support remote worker scenarios.
  • Interactive learning environment – Attendees are exploring in real-time and learning the solutions hands-on.
  • Hands-on collaborations – Leaning upon in-app exploration, exercises and demoing, trainers encourage attendees to work within the applications to get a full understanding of the solution.

How do I schedule a Customer Success Training?

Contact Lanlogic at realpeople@lanlogic.com and we will connect with the Microsoft Team to initiate the intake and discovery process.

May 26, 2020

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