When Should You Consider Investing in a Network Assessment?

Your network environment clearly needs to be evaluated when you experience obvious symptoms, such as :

  • Instability issues you can't track down yourself;
  • Extremely slow performance, also called Network Latency
  • Servers and computer systems crashing
  • Network router, firewall, and switch failures
  • The inability to print, share files, receive email, or otherwise communicate within or outside the company

At the same time, your network may be free of these symptoms, but it could have legacy design faults or it could be subject to fundamental weaknesses, of which you are totally unaware.

A Unified Approach to Network Assessments

Lanlogic network assessments are objective reviews that analyze your technology infrastructure, as well as operational processes. Our process for assessing your network is designed to be comprehensive, yet efficient. Systematic in approach, yet customized in results.

A standard network assessment from Lanlogic always follows this proven process:

  • Customer Interview: Assessing your business goals and environment
  • Technical Review: Perform diagnostics for servers, network equipment and a sampling of user systems
  • Best Practices Analysis: Compare IT environment to industry best practices and individual customer needs
  • Report Creation: Network diagram and comprehensive documentation showing findings, recommendations, and priorities for current and proposed environment
  • Assessment Consultation: Onsite review with stakeholders to ensure comprehensive understanding and answer all questions

Free network assessments from other vendors are nothing more than a sales consultation. A strategic network assessment from an IT partner you can trust has real value and actionable information.