Your Business Depends On Network Security Solutions and Practices

Network security goes beyond a simple collection of IT security solutions to include the integration of:

  • Technology
  • Business policies
  • Facilities management
  • Employee awareness

It extends beyond the IT department to encompass everyone from the CEO to the janitor. It is particularly crucial in this age of rampant viruses, spam, phishing, spyware and hackers.

Protect the Security of Your Network and Business Practices with Proactive Assessments

The scope of a network security assessment includes reviewing:

  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Server configurations
  • Physical access
  • Workplace procedures
  • Office computers
  • Laptops and smartphones

For example, remote or mobile employees may be accessing the corporate network from insecure networks at home or on the road. No amount of bullet-proof network security technology can protect your business from employees who ignore or forget to follow established policies and procedures.

Similar to an annual financial audit, scheduling a proactive review each year of your IT security policies and vulnerabilities is the best approach. In this way, you gain a periodic, expert evaluation that confirms the security of your network and practices. At the very least, an assessment should be performed during times of change and growth, such as increased staffing, mergers, acquisitions or getting new funding for expansion.

Network Security from An IT Partner You Can Trust

By combining over a decade of experience with the application of corporate best practices, Lanlogic assesses your IT security status and recommends solutions to protect your environment. Our team of specialists uses a suite of diagnostic tools -- from network perimeter scans to packet sniffers -- to isolate the real source of the problem. Our proactive analysis ethically tests your network security defenses against any vulnerability.

In addition, we can train your employees on security practices and methods related to public network access, password management and other techniques. Lanlogic has successfully protected thousands of users on networks around the world.

Uncover vulnerabilities to the security of your business or identify potential security breaches by requesting a Lanlogic network security assessment today.