Regardless of your current computing environment, Lanlogic can deliver the crucial IT services you need on a daily basis. From your desktop to the cloud, we provide a stable and reliable platform so that you and your employees can focus on your business.

We have found that the following services offer the most value to our customers:

server hosting
IT Infrastructure

With an ever increasing need to stay connected, perform optimally and remain secure, the need for proper design, implementation, and management is paramount. Lanlogic has been designing, delivering and managing these types of environments for decades.

Design and Support

At Lanlogic we pride ourselves on our project management experience.  If you want to deploy new servers or open an office anywhere in the world, we have the experience to deliver a project on time and on budget.

office 365
web hosting
Outsourced IT Support

When you need your own on-demand IT department that includes everything from an IT help desk to network management and on-site IT support, we can deliver a solution that fits into your monthly budget. Or, if you prefer to augment your existing IT department, we can offer these services individually.

Security and Data Protection

Let us help you minimize risk loss and comply with regulatory requirements with a data protection strategy that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

azure cloud services
hosted exchange
Enterprise Project Management

Shortages of skilled professionals and the need to focus on core competencies is typically why organizations seek project management expertise beyond their own walls. Lanlogic understands that deciding to outsource project management takes a substantial amount of our client’s time and effort.

Phone Systems

Are you looking for a replacement phone system or a phone system to take you into tomorrow’s VoIP technology?

backup & disaster recovery