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VoIP softphones or hardphones: Which is better?

By EDITOR | Published: JULY 20, 2022 Are you thinking about installing a new business phone system or upgrading your existing one? If you are, you have the choice between VoIP softphones and hardphones. But which one is better? This article will tackle the differences between the two types of VoIP phones and which one your business should get. […]

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These Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts will make your life easier

By EDITOR | Published: JULY 11, 2022 Windows 11 has been around for almost a year now, and many Windows 10 users have upgraded to the latest operating system from Microsoft. Windows 11 comes with various new features and keyboard shortcuts to help you perform your tasks faster. Keep reading to find out how these shortcuts can make your […]

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Most commonly used terms in cybersecurity explained

By EDITOR | Published: JULY 29, 2022 With so many different IT security terms and concepts that you need to learn when running a business, where should you start? Diving into cybersecurity can be challenging, but learning about the most commonly used terms in IT security is a good place to start. Understand these basic terms so you’ll be […]

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How does SaaS save your business money?

By EDITOR | Published: JUNE 10, 2022 For many businesses, regardless of size, the cost of acquiring and maintaining software is a massive drain on their finances. Fortunately, they can leverage Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Read on to learn how your business can save money with SaaS. What is SaaS, and what does Software-as-a-Service even mean? Just a few years ago, […]

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Addressing the security challenges Microsoft 365 users face

By EDITOR | Published: JUNE 29, 2022 Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular suites of cloud-based tools and services used by businesses of all sizes. But while it offers robust security measures, the evolving cyberthreat landscape relentlessly puts Microsoft 365 users at risk. This is why Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to address security issues so […]

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Tips for improving your Excel skills

By EDITOR | Published: JUNE 13, 2022 Are you looking to expand your Microsoft Excel expertise? Do you want to learn how to work smarter with this powerful business tool? This article will provide tips to help you improve your Excel skills. SUM and AutoSum SUM is a function that allows you to add individual ranges, cell references, values, […]

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