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4 Things to consider before selecting an MSP

By EDITOR | Published: AUGUST 31, 2020 Incorporating technology into business operations can be challenging given its complexity and constantly evolving nature. Many companies simply can’t keep up — this is why many of them are turning to managed IT services providers (MSPs) to handle their tech needs. MSPs defined MSPs are companies composed of specialists from various IT […]

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Helpful tips for keeping your email safe

By EDITOR | Published: SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 Email is one of the best things the internet has given us. We use it to sign up for websites, apply for jobs, make payments, get in touch with friends and family, and many more. However, your email is also one of the platforms hackers can exploit to steal information or launch […]

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Think your password is secure? Think again

By EDITOR | Published: AUGUST 7, 2020 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created many of the password best practices you probably loathe — using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. The NIST now says those guidelines were ill-advised and has changed its stance. Find out why and what this means for you. The problem […]

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How to protect your Microsoft 365 data

By EDITOR | Published: JULY 8, 2020 For businesses, data security is critical. The loss or theft of information could lead to crippling financial losses, legal disputes, and loss of customer trust. While Microsoft 365 comes with some security and compliance tools, it still needs the support of data protection best practices. Here’s what you need to do. Take […]

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Speed up your Windows 10 PC with these tips

By EDITOR | Published: JULY 22, 2020 When your computer shows signs of slowing down, don’t feel compelled to buy a replacement just yet. You can still speed up your machine — and do it for free, too. We’ve listed four effective tips to make your Windows 10 computer faster: Prevent programs from launching at startup Windows makes certain […]

Fileless malware: The invisible threat

By EDITOR | Published: JULY 20, 2020 Scanning the files you download is not enough to detect malware these days. Hackers have found a clever way to get around antivirus and anti-malware software by using fileless malware. Since this malware is not as visible as traditional malware, it can infect your entire infrastructure without you even knowing. Let’s take […]

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